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Handling What You Can’t Control: Managing Stress in Today’s Libraries
Led by Enid Berman, this workshop will review your experiences with balancing demands and your resources for dealing with them, change in the library and actions that you can control. Sponsored by the Pacific Library Partnership Staff Development Committee (formerly known ase Library Staff Development Committee of the Greater Bay Area).

Thursday, March 18, 2010 - Alameda County Library - Fremont Fukaya Room
Sign-in 8:30 - 9:00am Workshop 9:00am - 1:00pm - $30 - Details and registration

2010-2011 LSTA Competitive Grants and Application Due Dates
All the information for these grants is on the California State Library LSTA webpage - Instructions, forms, contacts. Applicants must view the LSTA Grant Process 2010/11 Webcast first.

  • Local History Digital Resources Project - April 22, 2010
  • Out-of-School Time Online Homework Help Program - April 1, 2010
  • Public Library Staff Education Program - March 26, 2010 (per CSL blog)

News from Pacific Library Partnership Member Libraries
Two of the three winners of the fourth annual Bookapalooza program of the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) are Monterey County Free Libraries, Greenfield Branch, and the Richmond Public Library. The collections consist of books, videos, audiobooks and recordings produced in 2009 and submitted by children's trade publishers for the 2010 award and media evaluation committees. More

San Jose Public Library's Santa Teresa Branch re-opened February 6, 2010.

San Francisco Public Library's Potrero Branch will re-open March 6, 2010.

Community Reads - Book, Theme or Both?
Over the years, several PLP member libraries and member library systems have done either "Big Reads" or "One Book One Community" reads, which provide an opportunity for partnerships with schools and school districts, bookstores, theater and museum groups, and restaurants, to name the most common. Here are links to campaigns by a small city, a large county library system, and a statewide service to give you ideas.

Alameda City Library - Revamping the Community Reads Programming Model, by AnneMarie Meyer. The library abandoned the single-book model to develop an intergenerational campaign around books with a theme.

Silicon Valley Reads 2010 - Menu of authors, experts and activities for all ages centered on the themes of In Defense of Food, by Michael Polan. Book details

California Center for the Book - calbook.org

State Library Twitter List
The State Library is collecting links to Twitter sites from libraries and services for libraries. The PLP System Reference Center is on Twitter, and it follows the Twitter sites of Sunnyvale, Los Gatos, and Mountain View. If your library is on Twitter, please register it with the State Library's Twitter site by emailing the State Library's Kris Ogilvie - kogilvie - AT - library.ca.gov.

Boost Database Usage with Tools from Gale and EBSCO
Both EBSCO and Gale offer tools to increase usage of their databases when users are in the library's website and when they simply put their search term into Google. Gale's tools are easier to use and find. EBSCO's are scattered, but some are listed below.

For searchers outside your library's website, Gale's iPhone app points users to an article in Gale's AccessMyLibrary and to libraries located within 10 miles of the phone. Details

For searchers within your library's website, drive traffic to appropriate databases by putting database widgets on the page. Widget list and instructions. For free bookmarks and other marketing materials go to Power to the User for Public Libraries - gale.cengage.com/power/public Links to these tools, as well as training and technical support, are on Gale's support site - support.gale.com.

EBSCO's answer to Gale's AccessMyLibrary is EBSCOhost Connection. When I tried to find a known PLP EBSCOhost subscriber, I could find that library only by name, not zip code. Member libraries probably should contact their EBSCO rep or EBSCO technical support for help with this service.

EBSCO's support site - support.epnet.com - is a gateway to EBSCO Discovery Service (the counterpart to PowerSearch) and Promote Your Online Resources for posters, flyers, bookmarks, and websites. Like Gale, EBSCO offers online training.

Food for Thought on New Book Formats
January 2010's media coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) included quite a bit of media coverage on ereaders. Now, Barnes & Noble Nook, Spring Design's Alex, and ereaders from Sony and Skiff are profiled on the the 2010 ereader page where you also can click on a Kindle ad, via Google.

However, on January 20, Katherine Gould reviewed several thought-provoking blog posts in her post titled "What is a Book?" Her post excerpts the pros and cons of this media. For example, although one must own an ebook to read any content on it, the vendor/publisher retains the digital rights, not the ebook owner, and can restrict access and lending.

Then, on January 24, the San Francisco Chronicle ran two articles on epublishing in different sections of the newspaper:

"Ransom Stephens and The God Patent," The book first appeared online until the author had the money to publish it in print. Article, Datebook: E1

"How a 'vook' may change e-reading experience," describes the publication of a mashup of video, book, and social networking. Woman's Day Cookvook: Healthy Food for Everyday Living, published by Vook LLC contains printed recipes, 45 videos demonstrating how to make them, and a page for comments on Facebook and Twitter. Article Business, D1

On February 15, 2010, Free Government Information (FGI) published this announcement of the White House's publication of the Economic Report of the President "in 3 formats: PDF, Kindle, and the open ePub format which Barnes & Noble's Nook, Sony's Reader, and other ebook-reader-software can use. The epub format, being an open, non-proprietary standard is, potentially, much easier to preserve for the long-term than proprietary formats like Kindle and PDF." The post continued with a critique of the report as delivered by these three formats. Link to this post and two others on ebooks.

InfoExplore Clip Blog's Recent Clips
The System Reference Center's clip blog also contains extracts from Neat New Stuff by Marylaine Block and ipl2, more grant opportunities, the issue about exclusive contracts between EBSCO and Gale, a new user experience column by Aaron Schmidt and more. InfoExplore Clip Blog

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