January 2007
Volume 27 No. 7


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The System Reference Center Update
Angel Kao is back from Douliu Yunlin, in central Taiwan, where her husband taught art history at Yunlin University. She is glad to be the "go to" person for second-level questions again.

News You Can Use

Grants, Programs, Training & Advocacy
Califa Gets Augmentation To Local History Digitization Project
The Local History Digital Resources Project, an LSTA project, assists staff in California libraries to digitize their manuscripts, photographs, and works of art, and supports staff training.

Califa has received an augmentation to this year’s Local History Digital Library Resources Support Services grant. For the past two years, the State Library has funded a project that provides support for the digitization of historical photographs and related documents and trains selected library staff on the use of OCLC-hosted CONTENTdm™ to provide access to the digitized materials. The augmentation grant will allow Califa to purchase a server and the CONTENTdm™software to expand this service beyond the current year grantees, permitting former grant recipients and Califa members to access to this service in a cost-effective manner.

To ensure an understanding of Califa’s new service in context with other digital resources and projects, Califa will also be holding two Digitization Symposia during the next year. The first will be held on April 19 at the Martin Luther King Library in San Jose, the other will be held in the Los Angeles area during the fall (exact time and place to be announced in the spring).

Califa will be sending out detailed information regarding its hosting of CONTENTdm™ and the upcoming Digitalization Symposia in its monthly member and non-member newsletters. To subscribe, send your name and email address to Califa - AT - califa - DOT -org.

As an example of the content, local history photos, including those of California Missions, are posted on Calisphere. You can select from an A-Z list or themed collections or put your term in the search box on every page.


IMLS 2007 National Leadership Grant Applications
The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) is accepting grant applications to the agency's 2007 National Leadership Grant (NLG) program. The deadline for applications is March 1, 2007.

From the announcement:
"IMLS is bringing back its Library and Museum Community Collaboration category. Collaboration grants provide opportunities for libraries and museums to partner with each other and with a host of other community organizations including public broadcasters, schools, universities, cultural and performing arts organizations, and health and social service providers. With this change, the three funding categories for 2007 are as follows: Building Digital Resources, Library and Museum Community Collaboration, and Research and Demonstration." Details.

ACL Performers Showcase - February 24, 2007 - Fremont
The 22nd annual Performers Showcase sponsored by the Association of Children's Librarians of Northern California (ACL) will take place on Saturday, February 24, 2007 at the Fremont Main Library in Fremont. The registration form is at www.bayviews.org. The all-day event features four sessions in which children's performers demonstrate their skills and programs. Over 30 performers are expected to appear, including many who have not participated before. Advance registration is $10; on-site registration, $15. Children up to age 10 are particularly invited to attend; they will be admitted free and are guaranteed lots of opportunities to get on stage when the performers ask for volunteers. Bring your calendars and prepare to sign up summer performers on the spot! For further information check the Bayviews website or contact Elizabeth Overmyer, Berkeley Public Library, (510) 981-6224/ eovermyer - AT - ci - DOT - berkeley - DOT - ca - DOT - us.

Legislative Day in the District - Fridays, January 26 and February 1, 2007
Now is the time to sign up to see your legislators on these upcoming Fridays. It's important to register so you can get there at the optimum time. Information and the appointment links are on CLA's Legislative Day web page.

Legislative Day in Sacramento is on Wednesday April 18 this year.

Learning 2.0 and 23 Things
The Public Library of Charlotte Mecklenburg County (PLCMC) training program, Learning 2.0, which promotes technical knowledge among library staff, is generating buzz among librarian trainers. Learning 2.0 is an online self-discovery program that encourages the exploration of Web 2.0 tools and new technologies, specifically 23 Things. The Learning 2.0 program was designed by Helene Blowers, PLCMC Technology Director, with the support and assistance of several staff. According to the project website, "the design of this online program was completely built on Web 2.0 technologies that are freely available on the Internet. These sites include: Blogger, Flickr, Odeo, YouTube, PBWiki & Bloglines."

Library 2.0
Another concept with a similar name, Library 2.0, refers to any library service or program which uses the latest technology, is user-centered, and is continually evaluated and updated. The presentation on Library 2.0 by Karen Schneider, the Free-Range Librarian, explains what is meant.

The BALIS Reference Committee is interested in developing Library 2.0 applications. The links in these 2.0 stories come from the BALIS committee chair, Rosemary Dukelow. The first BALIS libraries to start IM reference were Alameda County and Livermore.


Reference Picks
Information Seeking and Library Usage
Four newly posted research results are listed below. You can get some statistics for grant applications, angles for library publicity, and sound bites for promoting libraries from this research.

Noel Levitz Freshman Attitudes Report: 2006
See the attitudes that today's first-year students brought to college when they arrived for the fall 2006 term. While only half of entering students enjoy reading, with females enjoying it much more than males, most first-year students report that they would welcome assistance in areas such as preparing for college exams, career guidance, math tutoring, and assistance with getting a part-time job. Details are in this 32-page report in PDF.

Social Networking Websites and Teens - New Pew Report
The Pew Internet & American Life Project has released a report on teens' use of social networking; some findings are expected, some not. Older girls ages 15-17 are more likely to have used social networking sites and created online profiles; 70% of older girls have used an online social network compared with 54% of older boys, and 70% of older girls have created an online profile, while only 57% of older boys have done so. Full report. Alerts.

Students' Information Seeking and Library Usage: 2003
This report, released on the web site for the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), is about how K-12 tudents use the technologies, where the use occurs (home, school, and other locations), and the relationships of these aspects of computer and Internet use to demographic and socioeconomic characteristics such as students' age and race/ethnicity and their parents' education and family income. Tables 6-7 and figure 5 have statistics for students' use of public libraries as an Internet access location and also includes demographic analysis of these children.

Households' Use of Public and Other Types of Libraries: 2002
This NCES report presents a series of tabulations that highlight households' use of public libraries. According to the report, more households used a public library in "the past month" in 2002 to borrow materials (26%) or for enjoyment or hobbies (19%) than to get information for personal use (9%), use a computer or the Internet (9%) or attend a meeting (2%).

USA.gov takes the place of FirstGov.gov
The portal for federal and state government web sites has changed its name following up on research that showed that the public knows what USA.gov is. Members of the public were typing "USA.gov" into their browsers to look for "FirstGov.gov," which they couldn't remember. The Spanish language name also has been changed to GobiernoUSA.gov for the same reason. There is a selection of logos and information for your library's web site on the linking page.


Questions and Answers
Here's this issue's stumper and its story. Sometimes what we turn up in looking for the answer can be informative in itself.

The Survivor with the Right Stuff
Our patron remembered a true story about a young teenage girl who was the sole survivor of an airline crash or break up over Amazon. He thought the story had been made into a TV movie on ABC, CBS, or NBC.

Our patron continued to search as our researchers began their searching. Both tried Wikipedia and found the answer, but by different routes. Our patron found his information on an entry in the Wiki Notable airplane crashes list.

Our researcher found the information on a different site - Outside.Away.com http://outside.away.com/ From there she could find more information on Wikipedia about Juliane Koepcke, the sole survivor of the crash and break-up of LANSA Flight 508, on December 24, 1971. In addition there was information about two movies that were made about Juliane, with links, and also a links to the Wikipedia entry about the crash, which had more links.

Wondering if there was anything in a book about Juliane Koepcke, we input her name in the book search on Amazon.com. That led us to Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why, by Laurence Gonzales. We “searched inside the book” and found that Juliane Koepcke is used as an example in Chapter 10, “The Right Stuff.” The patron’s library has the book.


News from our Members
Court-SVLS & MOBAC Library Partnership is Finalist for Kleps Award
In April 2006, attorneys from the self-help units of the Superior Courts from the counties served by MOBAC and SVLS libraries gave trainings on authoritative legal web sites and court procedures to the librarians from those systems. The training was funded by a grant from the Administrative Office of the Courts. The system administration for SVLS AND MOBAC coordinated the training, which included scheduling, registration, and making up a web page for the project. The trainings were held in San Jose, Salinas, and Santa Cruz, and 88 librarians from libraries staffing a total of 84 facilities attended. The librarians were pleased with the training, and the court attorneys learned a lot about libraries!

The manager of the project for the local courts, Jean Pennypacker of the Santa Clara Superior Count, submitted the project for the prestigious Ralph N. Kleps Award. The courts were elated when they learned that the project was a finalist! That required a site visit by the judges for the award. Since the project originated in Monterey County, the judges held their hearing at the courthouse in Salinas on January 10, 2007.

MOBAC was represented by Dody Anderson of Watsonville and Beata Obydzinski from the Seaside Branch of the Monterey County Free Library. Dody and Beata spoke eloquently about the results of the training. The panel of judges were most interested in them, and in the questioning process, Dody and Beata educated the others about public libraries, their services and their cooperative ventures.

The project web page is maintained and has handouts and links which member libraries still use. You can find the link on the Webliographies page of the System Reference Center site.

If your library has some interesting statistics or sends out press releases, please share them with staff and committee listserves and send them to Mary Beth Train. One good idea begets another!


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