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Funding, Grants, Foundations

Resources and ideas for funding almost always require an awareness of marketing. In learning how to prepare needs assessments and statements of need, librarians can develop a sense for marketing.

Institute of Museum & Library Services
This agency has several grant opportunities for libraries. Links to other resources and grant opportunities by state are in the "Publications, Conferences and Resources" section.

Foundation Center
In addition to a directory of funders and grant-writing tips, there is a page for the San Francisco Bay Area - http://fdncenter.org/sanfrancisco/

California State Library
The LSTA link includes information on literacy and other grants. Look at the other links in that section to see other possibilities for your library. There are links to the 2006-2007 information and a list of 2005-06 grants awarded in PDF .
Calendar for all 2006-2007 grants administered by the State Library

Staying Connected -Gates Foundation
The Gales Foundation is offering grants for libraries to upgrade their original Gates equipment. It is being administered through the California State Library. State Library Press release

Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County - Support the Library
This link is an example of a fund raising page on a library website.

2003 OCLC Environmental Scan: Pattern Recognition report
Here is a summary of this report, produced for OCLC's worldwide membership. It examines the significant issues and trends impacting OCLC, libraries, museums, archives and other allied organizations, both now and in the future. The scan provides a high-level view of the information landscape. It was used in planning the reference focus groups held in 2004-05 and 2005-06.

2005 OCLC Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources report
Update of 2003 OCLC Environmental Scan

WebJunction - http://www.webjunction.org/
WebJunction has articles and links about fundraising and grant writing.

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