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California Elections - 2011

Voters Guides - Issues - Quizzes & Games - News & Research

Voters' Guides

Secretary of State

League of Women Voters' Smart Voter Guide
Find your ballot and polling place on the home page, which has much general information- www.smartvoter.org California information, including the League's "pros and cons" on the propositions are on the page for California.

Easy Voter Guide - www.easyvoter.org
Here is the guide and links to information for both new and busy voters. Fill out the order form to get free materials for your library and to have your library listed as a place to get this pamphlet. The Education Tools page has a variety of educational and publicity material, including workshops, workbooks, video and more.The Easy Voter Guide Project is a collaboration of the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund, the California State Library and the California Secretary of State's Office. Additional support has been generously provided by The James Irvine Foundation. Infopeople October 15, 2010 webinar handout - Easy Voter Guide

Can I Vote?- canivote.org
Questions and answers about voting eligibility, with drop down menus for each state.

Lucy Burns Institute - Sponsor of these three portal wikis. It's a non-profit, non-partisan organization.

  • Ballotopedia - Ballot measures, state and local elections, recalls, issues, e.g. tax reform, marriage, term limits, etc. Judgepedia - About judges, courts, state constitutions, judicial elections
  • WikiFOIA - State sunshine laws - How to make Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests


ElectionLine - electionline.org
Election Reform Information Project's website aiming to provide non-partisan, non-advocacy news and analysis on election reform. From The Pew Center on the States.

California Voter Foundation - www.calvoter.org
Promotes the responsible use of technology to improve the democratic process.Maplight:

Money and Politics - Illuminating the Connection - maplight.org
Follow the money to see where lobby groups stand on pending legislation, who funds each member of Congress, how much money is spent to influence each bill.ProCon -

Pros and Cons of Controversial Issues - www.procon.org
What are the arguments pro and con on hot-button issues, e.g. Alternative energy, big three auto makers, Iraq, death penalty, etc.? Use the search feature to find the 2008 Presidential candidates' stands on these issues, with their quotes and transcripts of speeches in PDF.

Open Secrets - Center for Responsive Politics - opensecrets.org
Study the details of donations to presidential candidates and Congressional office holders from industry groups, bundlers, 527 groups and more. Examine their financial statements, and more.

California League of Cities' California Local Government Finance Almanac, a well-organized primer on state and local finance - the issue in nearly every proposition. Stimulus updates

Fact Check - www.factcheck.org
Are the candidates' statements and ads true? Which part is true and half true? Project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

PoliFact.com - PolitiFact is a project of the St. Petersburg Times to help you find the truth in American politics. Examples: Truth-0-Meter - Obameter - Pundits

Quizzes & Games

NextTen - www.nextten.org
NextTen has brochures and interactive quizzes to help Californians understand the state budget and the state's infrastructure issues. Libraries can order free print materials by using this form, but supplies go very quickly.

News & Research

News Sites
Breaking news, RSS feeds, candidate links, and more on the 2008 elections

The 51st State: The State of Online: Issues for Future Presidents
Laura Gordon-Murnane provides a webliography of candidates, commentators, and issues and tools in Searcher, April 2008 v16, n4:8-12, 45-50

The 51st State: The State of Online: Widgets and Accountability
Laura Gordon-Murnane uses examples of widgets and 2.0 sites to further communication and accountability in the global community, in the print edition of Searcher, October 2008 v,16 n9: 38-45. Link list from Infotoday.com Article on allbusiness.com

Annenberg Public Policy Center - www.annenbergpublicpolicycenter.org
University of Pennsylvania researchers post their findings in the fields of political communication, information and society, media and the developing child, health communication and adolescent risk.

Public Policy Institute of California - www.ppic.org
Non-partisan research reports of a variety of issues affecting California. Although the primary audience is government officials, this site also aims to inform the public.

Field Poll - field.com/fieldpoll
The Field (California) Poll has operated continuously since 1947 as an independent, non-partisan, media-sponsored public opinion news service and has issued over 2,300 different reports. There are links to polls of Californians on candidates and ballot propositions.

Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life - Presidential Election 2008
The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life brings together its research studies, as well as news and discussions and takes a broad view of religion and public life

Health Vote - www.healthvote.org
The California Health Foundation provides information and non-partisan analysis about California’s health-related ballot measure campaigns, including campaign financing and television advertising.